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Austin “A” Franklin

Cartoonist and Illustrator



Austin "A" Franklin, is an Illustrator and Cartoon from Brooklyn, NY. ”A” has been doing art since he was born, initially self-taught with his primary influences being anime, manga, comics, and cartoons. As he developed as a person and artist, “A” became influenced by other art forms and styles especially Film, Surreal and Abstract Art, Minimalism, Music, and Human Nature, with his pieces depicting stylized humans in poses used to convey emotional and mental states. “A” attended the High School of Art Design -from which he is an alumni- to further his skills. His journey then took him to the Art Institute of York-Pennsylvania to further improve and learn new crafts to add to his belt. Returning back home to the city with his new found knowledge, “A” enrolls at Pratt Institute but finds himself there briefly. Now on his own, “A” commits himself to the life of an independent artist and curator, with the intent of being able to live purely off creating art.

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