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Brenda Mattingly

BRENDA 2.jpg

As a proud native of Brooklyn New York, I have committed myself to recapitulating historic beadwork and making the work available to our diverse communities.

I am a self taught artist, have spent the last twenty five years exploring the tradition of fine art bead practice to which I add an overlay, expressing the socio-cultural rhythms of inner city life.

Using meticulous pattern of juxtaposition beads to create a of portraits, silhouette, mosaic and geometric designs, I participate and contribute to the exploration and expansion of diverse traditions of beadwork that exists within the African Diaspora.

My theme are meant to unearth the past and to evoke the ties to my roots: my ancestors permit me to create and guide me in all that i do. 

in fact, my hands are my ancestors', they are not my hands. They are removed and the ancestors come through them. It is with the beads that i convey their messages.

To Be Updated Soon...

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