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Charnae Betton | Charnae's Art

Creating Her Account Reciprocating Nature’s Awe-inspiring Essence

Charnae’s art is meditation, freeing, revival.
Tapping into the innate ability and desire to create that is in us all. Light, color, life is what you will find in Charnae’s art. A story, your story, reflecting at you through your interpretation of the works. It all started with an appreciation for all life surrounding Charnae from people to nature as a child she would draw and color and this grew to being inspired by other artists and their attention to details. Detail is what Charnae focused on until she got older and her vision shifted to a freer expression of reality. Lines, Color, and light tell stories as they dance across the medium / surface. Charnae explores various mediums of artistic expression from graphite pencil, charcoal, to painting, etching, wood carvings, and mixed media works. To view more of Charnae’s art collections, visit her website & on social platforms as @Charnaes_Art

Charnae’s appreciation for sharing art has expanded into a business that creates a foundation for artists to showcase their art and people to be inspired and uplifted through events and exhibit, Community Based Curating, LLC. Charnae’s work along with a collection of artists can be seen mainly online at

“I truly believe art and creativity is in us all a place where we all can relate, connect, and find an understanding.” ~ Charnae
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