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Denzil Belisle

DENZIL copy.jpg

I knew painting wasn't easy. I watch my father earn a living painting. He was the best in the country that I am from, Belize, (I migrated to Brooklyn N.Y in 1981). After my father had pass, I inherited his paint box load with paint, brushes and a couple rolls of canvas .I started this incredible journey as an artist early in life but it wasn't until the latter half of the 90s was when my destiny was made .I had to study so that I could increase my skill as a painter. I had to learn the finer techniques and after over a decade of studying I have accomplish some of these skills. A painter never stops learning. It is a  continuous process.


 My style of painting is inspired by my father who was a passionate painter. He liked Cezanne and Monet. He also spoke highly of Rembrandt.

I consider myself an impression painter. My objective is to create the illusion of a three dimensional image on a flat surface and also to capture the lights and shadow, In addition to that I want to capture the feeling the mood of the subject, something I truly believe requires the blessing from the ancestors

I work in Oils, Watercolor, Pastell and Graphic color pencil.

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