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Fulton Art Fair 2016

Gerald Jones

Phone: 718-924-8930


Gerald Jones was born on February 14, on Valentine's Day in Brooklyn, New York, where he also (grow up). He attended Boy’s High School, and it was here that his love for the visual arts began.   It was here that it was nurtured, Gerald Jones studied visual arts at the The Pratt Institute, a renowned University for the art and architecture.


      In the late 1960's Gerald Jones served in the U.S Army for three years and with two consecutive tours in Vietnam.   His military missions and tours of allowed him to travel through out the world and to visit many countries in Asia, such as Japan, Okinawa, Thailand and Vietnam. What impressed him  about these countries were the astute awareness and the immense elevations of each country's pride in it's heritage and culture education.   These impressions cause Gerald to to realize that if one must grow, one would have to embrace one's spiritual awakening.

After completely his services in the army he continue his art education at Brooklyn College, Gerald Jones is currently enrolled for two years in a adult graduate non art degree art program at Lehman College in Bronx, New York,


      The artist relates that  '' Life '' is a constant change and my art is that constantly change- like the seasons in the year.   I look forward to flowing evolution in my creative art work   Through his oil painting, Jones attempts to explore and express the essence of spirituality that may tie gathering figures or fleeting spiritual forms of light, and it is combined into the research of his ancestral heritage that propagates his visual art approaches to capturing spiritual iconography in his art art. If only for a moment I can touch you through my art, I will have achieved my coal.  If only for a moment you paused to view my art, I have achieved my soul purpose of creating art.  If only for a moment my visual art impressions make you reflect, I have truly achieved my objective.



       Mr. Jones, has taught art education in an after school program at the Heritage House Public library in Brownsville, Brooklyn. New York. He has exhibited extensively in galleries in New York, Long Island and Mount Vernon, New York. He Has also exhibited in the 44th Annual art festival in Plains Field, New Jersey, and in the 2nd Annual African American art festival in Oak Bluff a community of Martha's Vineyards, Massachusetts.   In addition Jones has exhibited in the upstate New York community of Great Neck's art competition numbers 31st 32nd and 33 Annual Contemporary Black Artist exhibitions and winning entry as New Artist.


Gerald Jones has exhibited at the official invitations of curators and Gallery Directors from the following: 


       The Fulton Art Fair of Brooklyn, New York (2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2013; 2014; 2015 and 2016.

       St, Joseph's' College, Brooklyn, New York (2007

       Con Edison 'Gallery Brooklyn, New York   (2008

       Zion Gallery' Brooklyn, New York  (2008; 2009

       Five Miles Gallery' Brooklyn, New York  (2010

       Dorsey Gallery' Brooklyn, New York  ( 2012; 2013

       The Manhattan Borough President's Public Gallery (2012; 2013

       Brooklyn Borough President's Public Gallery (2014

       Adam Clayton Powell Art Gallery, New York, N,Y (2014; 2015; 2016

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