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Fulton Art Fair 2016


Scharalet Kee

Phone: 347-529-0923


Scharalet Kee was born in Brooklyn New York and was raised in Brownsville East New York.

Educated in the public school system her love for art was developed and nurtured while in attendance at Prospect Heights High School. She continued her pursuit of learning graduating from Kings borough  Community College.

Through her cousin Clifford Jackson she was introduced to Lawrence Dorsey and the Dorsey Gallery family.

I was fortunate to have met and known Dorsey before his passing..Through the directions of my mentor

Otto Neals  I attended classes at Bob Blackburn workshop taking classes in copperplate etching from Jennifer Malmbry and pronto plate lithography, monoprint and relief print from Justin Sanz 


My work has been exhibited at. Harlem State Office Building by the Internatinal Agency for Minority Artist Affairs 

[IAMAA]. Curator Mr Greg Mills


Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba and The National Conference  of Artists  [NCA] 

Curator MS Corrine Jennings

City College of New York Celebration  of Women in Arts & Culture Awards

at Aaron Davis Hall Executive  Director of Arts and Culture Dr. Myrah Brown-Green


I believe art is reflections on life and how we as artist depict it.Past present and future art is what connects us with our roots .

Stirring the Pot

Endangred Babies

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