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Mr. Willie Lee Harley

Mr. Willie Lee Harley

One day a gentleman ask me a question who do I want to be? I scratch my head and thought about it. While I was thinking he said be yourself.


My name is 


Mr. Willie Lee Harley 


I Am a painter and artist I developed the love of art since the age of eight. I pursued my art career and enrolled at the American Art school in 1970, studied art & painting for two years. I have also went to the art students league on a scholarship for two years. stayed for an extra year perfecting my craft hung around pratt Institute networking and learning more techniques. Landscapes was really my favorite to capture, the community, landmarks, portraits.


Willie lee harley was born 1947 in South Carolina


Army veteran


25 years working as a director for new york City housing authority Atlantic terminal. 


Displayed my art work at the Brooklyn restoration.


With the Fulton Street art fair for four years 


#718 622-4873



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